“and the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom….”
~Anaïs Nin

Meet Dr. Nadine C. Duncan!

…The author, publisher, educator, and traveler with a strong belief that global exposure can change the trajectory of a person’s life. After spending the past few years curating a space that intersects education & travel, she wrote Diary of a Traveling Black Woman: A Guide to International Travel to encourage Black women to travel internationally. She has now developed a growing network of over 30,000 Traveling Black Women that provide Black women with a platform to ask questions and offer advice on travel. Leaning on her background in Special Education, Dr. Duncan continues to develop avenues that will allow her target audience to access information in ways that resonate most with them. Currently she has Travel Guides, a Blog, a Vlog, a Podcast, and a Facebook Group that allows Black women to connect and share experiences.


     In addition to curating this amazing travel network, you can also find Dr. Duncan advocating for economically disadvantaged, Black students who have been unjustly thrust into Special Education without recognition or value of their individual skills sets through her non-profit organization, PrOOF, Inc. Check out her dissertation, Voices from the Margin: A Qualitative Study on the Perspectives of Economically Disadvantaged, Black Students Identified as Learning Disabled.

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